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Within 250: If the property is within 250 of the SFHA boundary, it tells you.

By simply typing in an address, underwriters and agents can get back natural hazard information for a given policy location.

The idea is to identify flood risks that may be present even if the location is not in a flood zone.

If the location falls outside of a flood zone, the report calculates the distance to the nearest 100 year flood zone, and estimates the height of the location above the flood zone.

This is an excellent screening tool if you're concerned with properties falling within flood-prone areas.

Fields: Fields: SFHA, Within 250 Feet, Community Number, Community Name, Zone, Panel, , telling whether or not the property falls within the SFHA zone.

Meter/Risk Meter Online FEMA Flood Map Updates To see the latest FEMA map revisions digitally updated on the Risk Meter Online, please go to: report builds upon the standard Flood Report.

However, in addition to the flood data, the report also identifies flood risks that are nearby.

This will allow you to accurately determine the rating territory for any address, whether your territories are built by ZIP Code, cities and towns, or defined by roads or rivers. Description: This is a physical description of the zone that makes up the territory.

This works using street-level mapping technology for unparalleled accuracy. Generally, companies provide CDS with paper definitions, and CDS creates a digital copy of the rating territories, accurate down to the street level. Zone: This is the code that identifies the territory.

This will tell you if you are near a high-risk zone or if you are not in one.

*Additionally, using the Flood Report along with the aerial images and manual placement, you can ensure that your structure is being plotted in exact location.

Community Name: Name of the community Zone: The type of flood zone as specified by FEMA.

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