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But they are free to remove elements from other books, and I think they will do that.They’ve already been talking about and using bits and pieces or large chunks of that storyline and building around the characters they already have, which isn’t too difficult to do. What shows tend to do when adapting books is do the first season and then go off in different directions, so I forsee my duty as being to help them get there in the best way possible.

But yeah, I think she’s signed on for another season or so, and she’ll back for that.Speaking to Hypable about the same sex relationship between Erertia and Lyria, Baquero said: What I love about the show is that [sexuality] is so natural. On a mission to wipe out all magic in the Four Lands, Rigam used to be a top dog in Eventine's army, but has had a major change of heart after watching his people slaughtered in the War of the Races and fighting the Dagda Mor in the War of the Forbidding. You may have noticed that Drayton's Amberle isn't on that cast list, but we're not ready to give up hope on her character's non-tree-form return just yet...especially because there is a sneak peek of the character in the new trailer.Season 2 cast as Mareth, a "volatile and unpredictable" young woman with magical powers who will help Wil find his way back to his friends and escape The Crimson."Sharp, brash, and independent to a fault," Mareth knows how to get what she wants. I think that's great and I hope it reflects the future in a way.An official announcement is expected to come sometime tomorrow, when Viacom will reveal its turnaround plan during the company's quarterly earnings call. The network's lineup consists of programming that appeals to males in the 18-49 demographic, and features movies as well as reality shows, sporting events and other original programming.

Right now, it looks like Spike TV chief Kevin Kay will remain in his position, and it doesn't look like any other major personnel changes will be made either. Spike, which got its start as The Nashville Network in 1983 before being rebranded as The National Network in 2000 and then rebranded again as Spike in 2003, currently reaches about 98 million paid TV subscribers in the U. , which pits celebrities against each other in elaborately staged lip sync performances.We'll keep you up to date on any programming changes as Spike continues to rebrand itself as the Paramount Network over the coming year.Austin Butler (also know as Thea Queen's DJ assassin boyfriend), and relative newcomer Poppy Drayton.It's a very crowded TV landscape out there these days, and several cable channels have taken, recently, to overhauling their brands in the hopes of finally getting into a niche that no other channel is filling and getting an increase in ratings in the process.Word came down today that Spike TV is getting in on the recent cable channel rebranding trend soon.Of course, the fate of Drayton's Amberle was very much in-the-air come the season one finale.

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