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Some employees with part-time designations (such as a city council member) may still be included in the database (if the agency provided those salaries).However, their information is excluded from agency or department totals.

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Please respect the copyright of our contributing photographers.For all University of Missouri campuses and entities and for the State of Illinois, FT/PT statuses were not provided.The figures listed exclude hourly employees and only factor in those with salaries of at least ,000.— This figure, as well as the median salaries and experience levels listed, excludes any employee labeled as part-time, temporary or seasonal.If an agency did not specify part-time/full-time status, then employees were excluded if the agency did not provide an annual salary or annualized pay rate. He was supposed to be on the ship but canceled at the last moment.2. These three men died when the Titanic — a ship built by J. Morgan’s White Star Line — hit that infamous iceberg and sank.3. Tesla planned to allow people to access that energy for free, but Morgan squashed Tesla because he wanted to profit from energy, not give it away.

Morgan was also the main conspirator behind the creation of the Federal reserve banking system. Morgan and John Jacob Astor both funded Nikola Tesla, who created a way to generate an infinite amount of electrical energy.That certainly would have been easier than sinking an entire ship.Then again, then there would have been intense investigations into their murders.Read the The Story Behind the Songs of Railroad’s Golden Age, which includes not only the back story but song lyrics, pictures and song samples.Order yours by calling our office at 608-522-4261 or 800-930-1385 Mid-Continent is an outdoor living history museum and operating railroad recreating, preserving, and interpreting the small town/shortline way of life from the “Golden Age of Railroading.” Help us preserve this experience for others to enjoy by making a donation, and consider joining us as a member!Dorcy Estate toward the construction of a new display building to house Mid-Continent’s stunning restorations.

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