Texas cuckold dating

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Texas cuckold dating

A successful investment banker, Ted had married Elizabeth largely because she looked good on his arm.Tall, blonde and blue eyed, with large full breasts, a narrow waist and deftly rounded hips, she did indeed make the perfect trophy wife for a middle-aged businessman climbing the social ladder.

Only horny ass teens in love with dick posing nude and fucking for hours during some of the most exclusive and high rated casting videos.The man's mind worried over this constantly, imagining his wife... He clapped one of the other executives on the shoulder, telling them he needed to go home.Ted wished he could have discussed these problems with someone, but the word would have gotten around the office like a wildfire.Elizabeth was happily unaware of her husband's concerns, although she was just that moment thinking about him.The beautiful young woman glanced at the clock next to her bed and smiled.It was as if the man had no libido at all and it had driven her a little crazy at first, especially since she had absolutely no desire to cheat on her husband with another man. Her hips lifted and rocked against the tongue that was digging between the plump excited folds of her sex. He continued lapping eagerly at Elizabeth's sweet tasting juices while his erstwhile twin, Achilles, sat next to the bed watching and waiting patiently for his turn.

The prenuptial agreement she'd signed had been very clear about '...engaging in carnal union with other person(s) of the same or opposite sex...' Ted's lawyer had been very clever, Elizabeth thought, but he hadn't closed all the loopholes. They'd been a gift from Ted, a pair of beautiful dogs to keep his new bride company, though little did the man know just how good their company was.

And besides, having the dogs gave Ted a real break on his homeowner's insurance. If there was a drawback, it was that the dogs didn't seem to like Ted very much, but he wasn't what you would call a dog person anyway.

As long as they did their job and stayed out of his way, he was happy.

A different time he'd found a towel, also stained and pungent with the odor of his wife's sex and something else besides.

Add to that the time he'd come home unexpectedly early one day and caught his wife looking flushed and nervous, wrapping her bathrobe around her body and quickly disappearing into the shower.

Ted had married a slut, a two-timing whore, they'd whisper and then the old man would have heard about it, the president of the bank, and that would have been the end of Ted's rising star. what business did he have giving advice to people about their own families?