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These are but some of the things that form the Handsome Family’s sound -- not least their at times haunting lyrics – Through the Trees (1998) was deemed the Best New Country Album of the Year by Uncut. But any given image choice may or may not have originated with Unferth, with Haidle translating rather than wholly inventing visual qualities.Their next CD, Honey Moon, releases April '09 (Carrot Top). I suspect this somewhat reduced Haidle's role as author.

All rather compelling, but proceed with caution regarding their fashion advice.1. It is Unferth's first graphic novel, a form she said was different and harder to work in than she expected.

I used to love medieval composers, but this week it’s Music for Airports by Brian Eno.4. Together the two tell the story of their narrator Daphne's struggles to win custody of her son, maintain her relationship with her boyfriend, and care for 42 exotic parrots.

Superstring Theory and the hope that Dark Matter is a nice place where run-over dogs go to frolic in green meadows. Elizabeth Haidle is creative director of , a visual storytelling magazine for children, and she brings a smart, cartoon energy to Unferth's writing.

When Haidle draws Daphne slumped in a chair, Unferth's talk balloon "Sigh" adds nothing the image did not already convey.

While the redundant style further implies a children's book aesthetic consistent to the novel's theme, Unferth and Haidle rarely challenge those visual norms and so don't use other effects available to literary graphic novelists.

The creative masterpiece you wish bore your signature? Rennie: Leave your hat out in a field overnight to collect snakes. Brett: If you wanna have a cigarette, you're gonna have to go outside.20.

Rennie: Please try not to solve problems with bombs or waterboarding.

While the relationship of writer and artist is always complex, the complexity is even greater here.

Brett: Huckleberry Hound because he’s a gentleman, but also a dog. While most comics collaborations begin with a written script, Haidle instead adapted Unferth's visuals, while Unferth in turn revised to include not only Haidle's input but her personal experiences—including her own son's insights into the character of Noah.

She calls "a plot-heavy book", something she strived for since her wide experience in prose writing gave her expertise in plot but not image.

She also gives Daphne's voice a sharp but believable eloquence from the opening page, describing, for example, "relentless errands over a churning earth" and "the roar of the unhappy mind".

Rennie: Watching pigeons cooing under train trestles. Essential to life: coffee, vodka, cigarettes, chocolate, or...? Rennie: Inside the empire of the ants and/or a finch nest. What do you want to say to the leader of your country?

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    And I watched you do this with a smile on your face, and with unconditional love in your heart, with no sleep in your tired bones.