The infrared wireless port when updating a pda

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The infrared wireless port when updating a pda - otido cherkassy sufdating

Handspring has also extended its academic pricing to libraries.For professional use, there are combination palms/bar code scanners.

You've checked the stacks and not found it, but perhaps it's only been mis-shelved.

You can code the RFID number into the hand-held device, then go to the stacks and wave it across the shelves.

When it reads the tag you're looking for, it will sound off to let you know. This product and the other pieces of the Digital Identification System have been beta tested at the University of Nevada­Las Vegas. Cradles are docking ports that connect to your computer to allow syncronization or battery recharging.

As a dedicated handheld user and a regional consultant on automation for the Chicago Library Systema consortium of academic, school, special, and public libraries in the city of Chicago I will try to share my knowledge of the world of ubiquitous computing with you.

Hopefully this primer will help you navigate the emerging environment of handheld computing.

It often comes bundled as part of bonus packs or business packs that accompany new Palm devices.

The Avantgo service allows content producers to create channels, whichare branded information streams from a specified source.

The software that every library is likely to find a use for is Avantgo.

Avantgo is both a software application and a service.

But have you realized that some libraries have also begun using handhelds for their common tasks?

These tiny devices have crept into our field, and here's a primer to get you up to speed.

Patrons carry them into our libraries, whether those libraries are special, academic, public, or school.