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So again I ask, can we be sure there is no dating method other than radiometric that does not depend on unproved assumptions?

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We had to start somewhere producing information, one word and one article at a time.

If you can tell me any unproved assumption upon which helium diffusion in zircon crystals is based, I will concede that point and bow to your logic.

But if not, I think YEC's are entitled to claim that RATE scientists have determined (or rather verified, Scripture having already revealed) the approximate age of the Earth from this dating method.

In fact, the other 139 crystals show such a confusion of information that a statistician could only conclude that no sensible dates could be extracted from the data. They extracted diamonds from rocks in Zaire and found by the potassium-argon method that they (the diamonds) were six billion years old.

A further problem is that the 4.3 billion-year-old zircon, dated according to the U/U method, was identified by the U/Th method to be undatable. But the earth is supposed to be only 4.5 billion years old. They admitted, however, that if the date had not been contradicted by the ‘known’ age of the earth, they would have accepted it as valid.

A serious problem here is that all 140 crystals from the same rock unit gave statistically valid information about that rock unit.

No statistician could ever condone a method which selected one value and discarded all the other 139. They found what might have been the world’s oldest rock crystals, but unfortunately they were too old!" discusses briefly the ideas in the previous articles I cited for you.Namely, that it is not possible to measure the age of something by making measurements only in the present.which is data/logic-based as opposed to unproved assumption-based), but that the RATE team did exactly that when they dated the New Mexico zircons at 6000 years old or - 2000 years.This is not to say that a day, year, century or even a millennium can yet be determined, but I believe they demonstrated that at least an age range that is orders of magnitude far below billions of years (i.e.As far as better dating methods, we need a better way to counter the question, "Do you have a better method? Like a hunter shooting at a target beyond the range of his rifle, the fact he does not have a more powerful gun, does not mean he is wise to continue shooting uselessly at far distant targets which he cannot hit.

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    Below are the fundamental beliefs of old-earth (“day-age”) creationism.