Thedatinggame com

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Thedatinggame com

Currently won't compile, missing a header file "local.h".Author: unknown proctest Sample code to create a process, set up message ports, pass messages, etc.

Also includes code from Graphi Craft to handle color palette and change colors at will. Author: Robert French mouse Shows how to set up the gameport device as a mouse so that hooking up the mouse to the right port gives access to mouse information.Draws a rectangle in a single playfield display, then draws "Behind a Fence" several times behind an apparent fence in the rectangle. Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85 samplefont A sample font that produces clubs, hearts, spaces, and diamonds as its four characters.Shows precisely what is contained in an Amiga font.You must log into the remote machine via one of it's local terminals and point it's kermit at the appropriate serial line connected to the AMIGA.Author: Unknown, but it is so hacked up it doesn't matter by now. Author: Mike Schwartz mandel A Mandelbrot set program.This is from the GNU (GNU is Not Unix) effort, and was obtained from the Free Software Foundation.

Compiles and links (with some effort) but currently crashes the machine. Author: Bob Corbett and Richard Stallman bm A grep like utility using the Boyer-Moore algorithm.

Author: John Draper (Aka "crunch") gfxmem Graphical memory usage display program. John worked REAL hard to dig out all the information in this one! Author: Mike Schwartz cc Unix-like frontend for Lattice C compiler.

Author: Louis Mamakos halfbrite Sample program that demonstrates "Extra-Half-Brite" mode on latter AMIGA's with new VLSI chip. Author: Charlie Heath trackdisk Demonstrates use of the trackdisk driver. Author: Rob Peck requesters Sample program and documentation for building and using requesters. Author: David Lucas CONTENTS OF DISK 2 ================== alib Object module librarian.

Author: Peter Bain grep Decus grep (Get Regular Expression and Print). Author: Unknown kermit This is an absolutely ancient kermit, who's only saving grace is that it is small and quite portable.

On the AMIGA, there is no connect mode, only send and receive.

Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85 joystick Shows how to set up the gameport device as a joystick.

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