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Thola chat vidio

Feiza Ben Mohamed, secretary general of the Federation of Muslims of the South of France, said ‘two young women were made to leave the water by the police’ even though they were ‘not wearing the burkini’.The video, which was posted on Twitter, shows children crying and shouting as the women are spoken to by the officers.

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Identified only as Siam, the mother is a former air-hostess from Toulouse whose family members have been French citizens for at least three generations.

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Four burly cops stood over the middle-aged woman, who had been quietly sunbathing on the Promenade des Anglais beach in Nice - yards from the scene of the Bastille Day lorry attack - and watched her take off a Muslim-style garment which protected her modesty.

The woman, who was wearing a traditional headscarf and matching top, was spoken to by the officers, who have been tasked with implementing the ban.

France prides itself on its secular society and the burka is banned.

Ms Ben Mohamed has accused the French authorities of ‘shamefully mixing up terrorists with the wider Muslim community.’ She said ‘this type of row is totally counterproductive and plays into Isis's hands.‘It's exactly what Isis want - the mayor is doing their work for them.

Isis seeks to make our young people believe that they are excluded, stigmatised, and they will use such examples in their recruitment drive.' Rachid Nekkaz (pictured), born in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges from Algerian immigrants, said that the burkini ban is 'unfair'.He's pictured here in Algeria demonstrating against the exploration of shale gas He told CNN: 'I decided to pay for all the fines of women who wear the burkini in order to guarantee their freedom of wearing these clothes, and most of all, to neutralize the application on the ground of this oppressive and unfair law.'But Australian-Lebanese Aheda Zanetti, who claims the trademark on the name burkini and burqini and created her first swimwear for Muslim women more than a decade ago, said the furore in France has attracted more publicity for her products.'A lot of the correspondence...was that they are survivors of skin cancer and they've always been looking for something like this, saying, 'Thank god we've found someone like this producing such a swimsuit',' she said.They pretend to be a person they either wish they could be or someone demeaning, like a ‘slut,’ something they know guys like.It completely lowers your self-esteem as a person and makes you feel worthless.To help personalise content, tailor and measure ads and provide a safer experience, we use cookies.