Twitter not updating facebook page

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You can list multiple links in this section but I recommend featuring just one as this way there will be a clear call to action.To set this go to your about section and click the edit button in the top right and select “Update Info.” From here you can enter the name of your page, select your page, and enter your page info.

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The image below shows different levels of increasing effectiveness for acquiring new fans.Facebook used to have a build audience feature that enabled you to send up to 5,000 invitations at a time to your email contacts.Unfortunately this feature was removed, perhaps as an effort to get more people to buy Facebook page ads.Create a custom experience by asking your fans what kind of content and prizes they would like the most.Really care about your fans and find ways to go above and beyond with the content and promotions you launch on your page.Once this is complete and you select “done editing” a link to your page will display on your profile.

Note: If your page is new and you do not have many fans you may not be able to set this link up.So don’t beat around the bush – come right out and tell people to like your page.Build links to your Facebook page everywhere and include calls to action for people to join your Facebook page in all of your marketing materials.The good news is you can still use email to generate new fans without breaking the bank.You can send your own invitations to your email contacts using a regular email service like Gmail.Taking a few quick minutes to send personalized inbox messages asking people to join your page will get more friends to join and pay attention to what you are doing with your page.

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