Twitter not updating timeline

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Take a look at some of the celebrity backlash: Okay, let’s all stop freaking out.This Twitter update is not a Facebook-inspired algorithm update like so many haters aim to think.

What you have (to continue) to do as a marketer or brand is to produce quality content that drives engagement.

Take a look into your Twitter analytics under Top Tweets to see what has been effective.

So, let’s examine what this change in algorithm means for brands.

You can find instructions for how to turn off this behavior here.

If you’re an #RIPTwitter supporter, you may want to adjust your settings in Twitter.

Twitter’s VP of revenue product, Ameet Ranadive, said ‘While you were away’ “laid the foundation for this change, we saw those changes drove improvements in engagement rates, and we have been tweaking how we determine what Tweets to feature with this new iteration of the timeline.”The big difference in the new Twitter timeline and the previous timeline is that the top tweets appear first, whereas before Tweets appeared in reverse chronological order.

Twitter’s previously Product Manager, Paul Rosania, explains it here: Personally, on my end, I see a mix of reverse chronological tweets and top tweets.

But, like peeking into a purse, your Twitter timeline shows what you care about and keeps you up-to-date on the latest trends. I think the Twitter timeline change is a good idea for brands and marketers to refresh their Twitter strategies once in a while. To compete with brands like Whats App, Facebook, and Snapchat, Twitter needs to build out a more brand-friendly platform even if it peeves core users.

So, in addition to insights into how SEJ does Twitter, I’m sharing insider tips into how I’m adjusting my Twitter strategy.

This feed change was to give simply users what they want.

People were feeling like they were missing all of the good tweets.

It has gone as far as the custom #RIPTwitter hashtag that fans created asking Twitter to leave its timeline alone.

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