Updating a linksys router firmware

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Updating a linksys router firmware - dating fairbiz biz meditation service software software

I just happened to have a old cracked laptop cooler pad sitting around that had 3 small 5v fans in it and I put two and two together and borrowed the fans from the pad and hot glued them to the large vent hole at the top and it's been puuring like a kitten ever since :) The modem has a built in USB port in the back (not sure what for) but the fans had a USb cord built on so I just plugged them in and it has been working fine for close to a year now. It would be better to find one of the 5 volt lines and solder it into that so it would just have a bigger draw from somewhere within the circuit.Real wold effectively speaking it doesn't matter and this method is better for an average joe.

and soldered a usb A head to it, plug the usb into one of the routers usb ports for power (could of also used a usb port on my STB right next to it or a usb wall adapter), and poof cooler router.works like a charm...

This is an Instructable showing you how to cool your wireless network router and avoid slowing down.

I used computer's fan to cool the wireless, attach the fan to the wireless and will use the same power source of the wireless (wireless NO fan ON, wireless OFF fan OFF)Maybe you will ask me why should I cool my wireless network router?

Glue the blowing side to the wireless (glue it in a side that has many hols)IT'S TIME TO TEST ITI hope you have enjoyed this instructable, if you like it please do it and share the pics.i have used Belkin wireless n300 router for more than 4 years and the best thing it it was never slow .

but recently it has been slow and router is getting hot .

But try to keep the fan as close as much to make it as efficient as much.

Please comment your impression after testing it for some time.In this case, depending on the regulator, the 5V may start to droop, or cut out entirely.This could lead to some components within the router shutting down.This is why linear regulators are inefficent - the current drawn always stays the same but the voltage drop requires a drop in power which manifests itself as heat in the regulator.This will of course mean that your router is running hotter than it was before, further adding to the inefficiency.follow https://fixingblog.com/how-come-my-belkin-router-internet-slow/ ans see if this works and speed up your router . Two 140mm case fans connected to a 2 pin to USB adapter.

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