Updating iis

07-May-2019 03:59 by 7 Comments

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Next time it wants to use the file it will find the new one and use it. Actually, I tried this, too, before writing this article/solution. But when I tried in Explorer on one of the locked files, it failed to rename ("file is currently in use").

I have checked that read write permissions are enabled on the wordpress root & wp-content folders.

What I really want is to enter the correct ftp credentials for Word Press on IIS and have it work and autoupdate to the latest version.

Does anyone know what ftp credentials I have to use to get this done please?

here there is a blog post showing how to install/configure FTP server...

If you are not able to set it up, you can also install another ftp server..

Just out of curiosity, what do you mean with "it failed to lock"? Did IIS noticed that you were tampering with files and corrupted the download?

For large or repetitive tasks in IIS (migrating sites, adding additional site bindings, etc.), modifying the applicaion Host.config can prove to be much simpler and efficient than using IIS Manager .

My only issue is I'm not sure what this is or what I really did apart from following your instruction!

I would like to understand all this 'jiggery-pokery'!

However one of the things I often hear from web administrators is “why are the changes I have made in the application Host.config not showing up in IIS”.

Though there could be multiple reasons for this, the most common reason is using a 32 bit editor to modify the application Host.confg on a 64 bit OS.

I would also like to know how to set my IIS up so when asked for the ftp credentials I can put in the info & have it work that way too!