Updating macafee detection signature

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Updating macafee detection signature - Ivan porn free online sex cam

Chrome and Firefox, the 2 most popular Web browsers today, already use the Malware detection system of Google for every downloaded file, so if Google system detects the downloaded file as malware, the Web browser blocks the download and displays a warning saying that the file is malicious.

This file contains the Antivirus Name, the alert name, the Nir Soft file that triggered the alert and the SHA-256 hash of this file, and you can optionally view this file with CSVFile View...The Nir Soft files taken from Nir Launcher package 1.19.53.Be aware that Antivirus signatures changes every day, so it's possible that if you check the virus alerts from today you'll get a little different result.The good news in this report is that there are 12 Antivirus engines without any false positive and they got the best score possible (100) The bad news - There are 2 Antivirus engines that show alerts for more than 100 files of Nir Soft (!!) - Bkav and The Hacker, and they got very low negative score...I know that some of you, who are using the command-line options of my password-recovery tools for legal purposes, will be disappointed from this change, but in our ridiculous world where combination of Antivirus companies, Virus Total service and Google may lead to blocking many users from accessing my Web site or from downloading software provided in it, I don't have other choice.

I'm still looking for a way to provide command-line version of these tools for users who need this feature for legal purposes, but it must be done in a separated Web site ,so Nir Soft web site won't be affected from them.All files that Google detected as malwares were simply my password recovery tools, and Google detected them as malware simply because many Antivirus programs target them.The command-line options of my password recovery tools are the major feature that allows hackers and Trojans to use these tools for bad purposes, because it's possible to export the passwords into a file and then optionally send them to a remote location (using another software) without displaying any user interface.I have created a small program that downloads the Antivirus scans result of all files of Nir Soft from Virus Total Web site and then processes the collected information and generates the desired report.I have also decided to generate score for every Antivirus program according to their false positive issues.All 13 alerts contain 'hacktool' and 'passwordviewer' strings, so 13 * 0.5 = 6.5 points are added.