Updating oiling u ul ulh

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Updating oiling u ul ulh

With the AP cams being .002 under and Eastern's bushings being .002 over stock, going to be around .004 running fit... Going to make up the bushings out of 660 Bronze bar stock to the AP under size speck just so I'll have the .001 running fit....Also got a set of replacement bushings for the Cam Cover...

The fixes were larger big ends with bigger diameter rollers to slow the roller speed down, notched races to let the oil escape, and most important, a 1/4 speed pump instead of 1/2 speed. The concept of skirt oilers is great as it helps cool the pistons, and was used by H-D in the K series of small bore-long stroke engines. Because isn't the small amount of oil in the crankcase very soon blowed off to timing gears through timed breather?Just got a new set of UL cams from Andrews Products... Seems that the shaft size has been changed on the crankcase side...They grounded them .002 undersize from what Harley speck is... AP is at .684 Called AP and spoke to their Tech Guy...He said that they have sold alot of these sets and I was the first to see the diff. Wanted to get a set of bushings from Eastern being this motor has seen many miles, just to get back to the low running fit of Harley's specks.... Eastern makes their bushings with the running fit built into the bushings..That way it's mostly a plug and play deal with-out much need for line reaming the bushings...What they did was shut off the oiling going to the pinion shaft and install a fitting to allow a hose to feed the pinion shaft....

The other end of the hose was put in a can of oil setting on the floor.... and guess what happen to the oil that was in the can...???

Found the shaft size on number one cam .001 oversize from OEM.... Was hoping that the back-lash I had with the old bushing would close up alot when the new bushing was installed... The baffle plates are getting a trim job and a set of State of the Art rings are also in the mix. I'm interested to know what happens to your oil pressure!

They helps some, but do feel that there is alot still to be seen..... Sweated in the new bushings using Dry Ice and heating up the cover.... What do you know about the Geo-Roto being a bit much at low speed in traffic over oiling the return pump.....??? On the cam shaft being ground to the Sportie needle bearing size.... I added the same groove to pinion bushing and not any restriction in the pinion shaft.

I have read that a few guys been putting injectors inside the cases to squirt oil on the bottom of the barrels for X-tra Cooling & oiling. --Just wondering as I may be wrong when it comes to BIG-FLATTIES! I don't even know if its possible to do on a U model./But then again I don't see why not.--Please school me on this as I am not sure!

--I know of a few 45s done like that--DD comes to mind (Frankenstien).

onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; H-D played with flathead oil pumps a lot in the racing department.

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