Updating windows xp to sp2

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Updating windows xp to sp2

Pro Tools 7 Plug-In Q & A A: The answer depends on the system configuration.On multi-processor systems (with a dual processor or dual-core processor), most plug-ins will benefit greatly.

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Check the link above, and with individual third-party developers for compatibility, update, and upgrade information.

Final release testing of Pro Tools 7 has shown that there are some performance issues with certain RTAS plug-ins when used with single processor computers.

Instance counts on OS X-based LE systems may show a small decrease with certain plug-ins, Windows XP-based LE systems may incur a small performance hit as well with these plug-ins.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a release timeframe for improved plug-in versions.

Be sure to check out the Pro Tools LE Windows section of the Digidesign User Conference for computer recommendations from other Pro Tools LE users.

All plug-ins tested show significant instance count gains on dual-processor computers.

We are actively looking at these issues, and hope to have fixes for this as soon as possible.Disclaimer: Digidesign can not verify that the information in this forum will provide full functionality or performance.Please refer to these Compatibility Documents for Digidesign's official system requirements.To use it, place the CD into the CD drive, make sure your BIOS is set to boot first from your CD drive, and reboot.Voila, if all goes well, the Windows installer starts up and you're on the way to reinstalling your system.For more information, see the following: Pro Tools 7 Plug-In Information While most Digidesign and Development partner plug-in versions for Pro Tools 6.7-6.9 are also compatible with Pro Tools 7, all RTAS plug-ins will need to be updated to take advantage of the improvements to RTAS plug-in performance introduced in Pro Tools 7.