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Props to the dude for wearing a unicorn onesie out in the hot weather though – enough to forgive his uni-corny liners. Best line: “If you were a burger at Mc Donald’s, you would be Mc Gorgeous!

The comedic part of all of this, is that I have dated many wonderful guys.The problem is that being single has a negative connotation.We’re considered “alone” and often times, feel alone for this very reason.I had a solid five-year relationship in college where there was mutual adoration.But said people above told me that I could do better.Um, it’s 2016 why am I still getting pressured to procreate by my family?

Many of them are liberal progressive ex-hippies that should get that life can be colored outside of the lines.They’ve said things like, “I’m so sorry Sonya, to find.” These supportive words have turned into stories and I’ve found myself dragging them with me.I’m fully conscious to the fact that this is a personal choice of mine to do, but I find it’s hard to detach from their words regardless.I’ve settled for the worst of them so that I have someone.I’ve made up justifications in my head and recited them aloud to convince myself that they are bettering my life in some way, albeit dysfunctional. ” It’s not the most original of pickup lines, but Maya totally won us over by including her own name into that line.