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Dropout rates used to be a problem in oil sands country, where high-paying, low-skilled jobs were just a short drive north.

In the chocolate-brown bedroom with the cream trim, walls dotted with photo frames and small mirrors, Sarah Barrett pondered what essentials to take on what she thought would be a few days’ evacuation from her Fort Mc Murray, Alta., townhouse. She ran up and grabbed the garment bag from her closet and headed out to her mom’s car, out into the black and the orange.

Jenna was making a grad video with students’ baby pictures. They debated which songs to play for the various events: the morning’s diploma ceremony and the evening’s glitzy Grand March and dances.

Leading contenders were tunes by Imagine Dragons, Wiz Khalifa, We’re All in This Together from High School Musical and Green Day’s Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), a graduation classic released before these Grade 12s were born.

The wildfire disrupted oil-sands production, home sales, yoga classes, wedding plans.

And when the Alberta premier announced city schools would stay closed until September, the disaster robbed Barrett and 85 other 12th-graders at Fort Mc Murray Composite High School of something else: graduation.

“Now the kids are having to try to figure out what does that look like.” Sarah had her mind on grad more than most.

She was one of six lead members of the grad planning committee, along with best friend Jenna Majeau, who grabbed her gown before fleeing; Hannah Thompson and Sarah Duffy, who packed their tiaras and headbands but left their dresses at the seamstress; Terrence Abalos, who never thought to take his suit; and Momin Syed, who couldn’t make it to his family’s condo before fleeing.By early May, the grad committee met regularly after school to glue-gun together a cardboard gazebo and spiral archway for their “enchanted garden” theme. They selected black gowns with yellow and white hoods for grad photos taken in March, and some posted the proofs as their Facebook profile images; they ordered rings; they found prom dates. had the easiest choice—among the six, she was the only one dating someone: Garrett Hayward, captain of the boys’ volleyball team (she led the girls’ squad).At their favourite restaurant in December, they played hangman on the kraft-paper tablecloth.There would be no June prom, no gowns, no marking of the moment where they stood, poised on the threshold of adulthood, thinking of the future.“Now that transition is very blurry,” says Kevin Bergen, the school’s principal.Progress was made: there were 220 suspensions in the previous school year, and just 50 as of early May.

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    If the victim is cooperative, other money requests can be made as well: to pay for the ladys English lessons, to help out with rent or home repairs, to help with small medical emergencies, and so on.

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    We will also pay a visit to the Turkmenistan National Museum of History, a rich cache of some 150,000 objects and artefacts that date back to Neolithic times and the Bronze Age era of the Margiana civilisation.

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    One of the more abstract aspects of the game is the ability to literally immerse yourself in another time period - the 1920s Berlin Project is a mock-up of the German capital almost exactly as it would have been in 1929.

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    In this case, a healthcare provider may suggest electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).