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The so-called Wonderful Rocks are genuinely wonderful and awe-striking.

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Referred to as one of the top and genuinely attractive spots around here, Varna’s sea garden sure has a lot to offer.Rumor has it that the settlement was one of the largest constructions left by Romans, which proves once again the great meaning of the city, administratively and economically.Horse riding experiences are so much fun when being in such a lovely place with nature and fresh air. Tip: make sure you don’t miss out on the gorgeous scenery and lush greenery while riding! Why try it: Enjoy this tour to the fullest while blending with nature.What to do: Once you come inside, don’t miss out on climbing the spiral staircase that features more than 133 steps! The Roman Baths serve as an important historical reminder for all locals.This widely known attraction walks us back to a significant period when a part of the city was ruled by Romans.The empire built these baths as the settlement back then was called Odessos.

Why visit it: Discover the legends surrounding the Roman Baths.Keep in mind that “Pobiti Kamani,” as its original title goes, consists of several groups of stones scattered here and there.A bunch of high pillars going over 10 meters (33 feet), single rocks, and cylinders as well as awe-striking cliffs pretty much make up the mysterious image of this place.Tourists often get deeply astounded by its historical symbolism.The interesting murals and unique stained glass make the prominent cathedral a must-see attraction while being in the city.Are you thrilled to walk into the mysterious nature of Bulgaria’s beautiful coastal sea resort?