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Android/Power Off Hijack is malware that hijacks the shutdown process of your device so that it appears to be off, but remains functional.That way it can secretly make calls, take pictures, and more – all without you having a clue.

The criminal uses the contact information to extort money more effectively by threatening to share the video with the victim’s close friends and family.

Malware may be a small problem today, but research from Lookout (a mobile security firm with an Android app that we reviewed previously.

When you hear that 97% of the mobile malware out there is on Android (as reported by F-Secure), it certainly sounds like Android must be insecure for that to be the case.

Nearly 50% of all Android devices are at risk of a vulnerability called “Android Installer Hijacking”.

Put simply, when you go to download a legitimate app, the installer can be hijacked allowing an app you didn’t want to be installed in its place.

In February we learned that certain Android apps were giving their users more than they bargained for.

A patience/solitaire game, an IQ test, and a history app all sound innocent enough, don’t they?This happens in the background while you are reviewing the permissions of the app you want to install, either by setting up the benign app to install malware later, or by masking the true permissions it requires.This vulnerability affects third party app stores, such as the Amazon App Store. According to Palo Alto Networks, who discovered this vulnerability, if you have an affected device, the best way to avoid inadvertently downloading malware is by only installing apps from the Google Play Store.And you would never expect they had a problem if they behaved as intended for a month before doing anything dubious, wouldn’t you?However, each of these apps, which were downloaded more than five million times, had code in them that would trigger popups that, if clicked on, would lead to fake webpages, run illicit processes, or start unwanted app installs and downloads.Unlike the first type of malware discussed in this article, Android/Power Off Hijack affects Android 5.0 and higher, and requires root access to work.

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