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So in the context of turkey, "fresh" has to do only with the temperature at which it's been maintained from the time it was processed until the time you bought it at the store.It has nothing to do with how long it's been sitting in the display case at the store.

Heritage or heirloom turkeys are unusual breeds that were once quite common in America, but fell out of favor as growers concentrated on the specially bred, big-breasted birds preferred by consumers.

The label on a regular turkey may include the phrase, "Contains up to X% retained water" as shown in Photos 1-2 Do not confuse this with a self-basting turkey.

Retained water is water that is absorbed and retained by the skin and meat as a result of washing and water-immersion chilling during processing.

This is your basic supermarket turkey that is tasty, safe, and inexpensive.

Free-range or free-roaming turkeys are produced by a growing number of regional producers that offer their birds as a higher quality, better tasting, and more humane alternative to commodity turkey.

While not an official turkey term, "regular turkey" is the term I use to describe a turkey that is not injected, self-basting, kosher, or in any way enhanced.

A regular turkey contain just two things: turkey and water.Bringing back these bronze birds provides our customers with the 'best of both worlds'old world history, flavor and beauty in combination with a wonderful yield of meat and that great old-fashioned turkey flavor."Heritage turkeys tend to have less breast meat and are stronger in flavor than commodity turkeys, but may also contain less fat and water, too.This turkey is the most expensive of all and is found in limited numbers at high-end supermarkets and butcher shops.A statement such as, "Contains up to X% retained water" is fine; that's just the result of washing and chilling the bird in cold water during processing.Commodity turkey describes those birds raised by large regional and national producers in high volume using modern agricultural methods, in accordance with USDA guidelines.Natural does not mean "not injected" or "not self-basted" or "not enhanced".