Visual studio help is updating

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I'm using VSCODE 2017 and I'm having trouble with ES6 syntax.

This increases chance they will actually purchase your product.

Advantages: quick installation, appearance in About box and other extensibility features Disadvantages: cmplicated setup, each component requires its own package if shipped separately VSI packages are quite old but you can use them for integration with Visual Studio 2005 and newer.

It have very simple structure and you can create one even without Visual Studio.

On the other hand, there is a group of users who are not experienced developers, but are in charge of trying some products in a given company (e.g. These people can install the component, play with it and they would really appreciate if it just works.

I thought that every developer using Visual Studio is experienced enough to know how to add new items in VS Toolbox, but I received few e-mails from users who uninstalled the product just because the component have not appeared in the Toolbox and they thought it is broken (without reading our documentation, of course).

This approach requires you to install your assembly in GAC (Global Assembly Cache) and create a key in Windows Registry.

Advantages: simple and fast component installation, updating and removing Disadvantages: requires installation in GAC (not always wanted), VS 2005 supported with SDK only If you are not afraid of COM, you can try DTE (Development Tools Environment) approach. Many developers are not that experienced with Visual Studio and when your component is shipped, even if you provide appropriate step-by-step guide, they may find it too complicated and rather try another component which "just works". This approach have one crucial drawback, which is that you leave Toolbox integration to the user.The only trouble with VSI compared to other approaches is invoking a wizard form which cannot be suppressed. Another trouble with VSI is that a digital signature is required in order to get rid of a warning dialog.Your control will be always installed under "My Controls" tab in the Toolbox, which is not always desirable. VSIX file extensions are associated with Visual Studio so you can simply double-click it or run it via shell.I made a project called Dte Toolbox Installer, which is also a command-line application and support Visual Studio 2013, 2012, 2010, 20. The main disadvantage of DTE approach is the speed.

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