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The Count/Captain 20/Dyszel was online Friday, Sept. Thank you all for coming and I'll try and get to all the questions! Count Gore De Vol: As I mentioned I am back in the DC area, but doubt that Captain 20 will be returning to the air. and will host a screening of "Young Frankenstein" on Sept. The event is part of a four-week midnight movie series at E Street, where local celebrities introduce cult films.

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Count Gore De Vol: Counting all the character voices I did, I portrayed almost 20 characters, but Capt. It was exhausting most of the time but I had a lot of help from an incredible staff at WDCA. Question: Was it your show that had a strange singing face that looked like a potato? I also recall those occasional nights when my folks were out and we stayed up late to catch "Creature Feature." You were da' M-A-N! It's comments like this that make it all worthwhile. _______________________ Fairfax, Va.: Welcome back to D. I was a fan of your TV show back in the '70s, and now I'm a fan of your "Creature Feature" Web program! It's great to see you hosting those great old horror movies online, and you have so many entertaining features on your site, even podcasts, wow! _______________________ Fairfax, Va.: Long time no see. _______________________ Springfield, Va.: Why the hell didn't you mention that gorgeous lady behind the scenes who directed all those shows for you? Talk to you soon, Diane That Gorgeous Former Channel 20 Director/Editor Count Gore De Vol: Oh, that gorgeous director. I rarely see anything that inspires me to go to the movies anymore. Count Gore De Vol: If you pick and choose you can find some.

_______________________ Arlington, Va.: There's a lot of concern today about the quality of children's TV programming, but it's not like the "Banana Splits" and "Ultra Man" (my personal favorite) were terribly enriching.

Is it really worse today than when you were programming kids shows?

Is television such a wasteland that a career in new media, like podcasting or webcasting, is a better choice?

Count Gore De Vol: I would take anything I could get in the door. Don't ignore broadcast...that's where the money is, but keep your eyes on alternative media.

It seemed like Captain 20 and the Count both wore a lot of hats at Channel 20 in those days. Count Gore De Vol: Sorry, I know what you're talking about, but it wasn't any show I was involved with. _______________________ Chantilly, Va.: Not really a question or comment, but more of a "Thanks! Count Gore De Vol: I still have Chef Combo, although he is still used by the National Dairy Association in the classroom. I mean, I had had the opportunity and responsibility to impart information to a generation of children and working with kids is an extremely creative process. Here's my question: As you stalk the streets of the DC Metro area once again, what have you found changed about the area? Count Gore De Vol: Actually I've found very little change...a hell of a lot more traffic! I talked the station into letting me host horror movies but they wanted a different name.

Was this drudgery, or was it exhilerating to be able to play so many roles? " to my afternoon babysitter when I was growing up. But it's also fun doing strange things with adults on Saturday night! C.: Have you ever met Gore Vidal, and if so, what did you talk about? I grabbed one off the top of my head and the rest is history.Terry Dubrow, that when he heard it buzz, he was expected to retrieve her bubbles.The real shocker, however, is that this over-the-top home customization is not the most fabulous feature in Heather's house. That's right, she installed a dumbwaiter in her house that runs from the garage straight into the pantry.Count Gore hosted the late-night program, which featured scary flicks and sci-fi classics every Saturday at midnight. 16 at noon ET to discuss horror movies and his long career in local broadcasting. _______________________ Bowie, Md.: I am SOOO glad you are in great spirits, Count. Frankly, with the success of my weekly Web program I have little incentive (except money) to go back on TV.When the Count -- also known as Dick Dyszel -- wasn't introducing frightening works of cinema, he also played the role of Captain 20, host of such local children's programs as "Kids' Break" and "W. I appeared on one of your other shows, "Bozo's Circus" and almost completed the Bucket Bonanza! Do you anticipate a Count Gore De Vol comeback on Ch. _______________________ Annandale, Va.: Count: Where have you been? _______________________ Alexandria, Va.: A lot of those "scary" movies from the '50s, '60s and '70s look pretty tame today."I designed it so that when you pull into the garage, you can park and unload the groceries into the dumbwaiter and hit the button and the dumbwaiter goes into the pantry." How brilliant is that!?