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He entered Bowdoin College in 1821, was elected to Phi Beta Kappa in 1824, He published several short stories in periodicals, which he collected in 1837 as Twice-Told Tales, the next year, he became engaged to Sophia Peabody.He worked at the Boston Custom House and joined Brook Farm, a transcendentalist community, before marrying Peabody in 1842.

He was born in 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts to Nathaniel Hathorne and the former Elizabeth Clarke Manning, his ancestors include John Hathorne, the only judge involved in the Salem witch trials who never repented of his actions.Hawthorne wrote to a friend, "I find it a very sober and serious kind of happiness that springs from the birth of a child ... I have business on earth now, and must look about me for the means of doing it." in 1846, their son Julian was born.Hawthorne wrote to his sister Louisa on June 22, 1846: "A small troglodyte made his appearance here at ten minutes to six o'clock this morning, who claimed to be your nephew." I am trying to resume my pen ...She was the very image of death-agony", the incident later inspired a scene in his novel The Blithedale Romance.The Hawthornes had three children, their first was daughter Una, born March 3, 1844; her name was a reference to The Faerie Queene, to the displeasure of family members.During his time in Italy, the previously clean-shaven Hawthorne grew a bushy mustache. where he met Abraham Lincoln and other notable figures.

At the outset of the American Civil War, Hawthorne traveled with William D. He wrote about his experiences in the essay "Chiefly About War Matters" in 1862.I was an idle student, negligent of college rules and the Procrustean details of academic life, rather choosing to nurse my own fancies than to dig into Greek roots and be numbered among the learned Thebans.In 1836, Hawthorne served as the editor of the American Magazine of Useful and Entertaining Knowledge.Much of Hawthorne's writing centers on New England, many works featuring moral metaphors with an anti-Puritan inspiration.His fiction works are considered part of the Romantic movement and, more specifically, dark romanticism, his themes often center on the inherent evil and sin of humanity, and his works often have moral messages and deep psychological complexity.Whenever I sit alone, or walk alone, I find myself dreaming about stories, as of old; but these forenoons in the Custom House undo all that the afternoons and evenings have done. This employment, like his earlier appointment to the custom house in Boston, was vulnerable to the politics of the spoils system.