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Was there a process, in the making of this movie, to tone that down and make him more accessible, so that audiences do have empathy for him?PETTYFER: The thing with Shana’s Endless Love is that we wanted to start the movie where David has made a conscious decision to change his life for the better.

It was a mutual decision, We are incredible close and love each other tremendously !!!And yet, the same magazines that vilified him are now covering him as if nothing had once transpired?Let’s look at Star Dianna Agron Terrified of Ex-Boyfriend Alex Pettyfer?We didn’t want to indulge in something that he was a part of in the past. ,” and I always say, “Because I love film.” I hope that I can call myself a movie buff.We just wanted it to be his past, and something that loitered around him. You start to kiss Gabriella, and then you look to your right and there’s a big burly man standing there with a light over you going, “Just move to your right a little bit.” And you go, “Okay, this is not so romantic.” The nerves go away very fast. Did you find him intimidating, at all, especially with his character being such a mean guy? And to work with Bruce Greenwood, and even Robert Patrick, is an incredible experience for someone like me, who is just starting out and hopefully will have longevity. There was a scene where we all sit down for dinner and he gives the telescope to Gabriella [Wilde] and he says, “I want the placemat set for my lost child.Do you have any advice for a guy dealing with a girl’s parents and trying to win them over? Thankfully, and I don’t know why, but I have never been in a situation where I haven’t gotten along with my girlfriend’s parents.

I’ve been very lucky to have girlfriends who have had such amazing families that have brought me in.

I think I can speak on behalf of women and say that every woman wants a man who just loves them and lusts after them. We wanted the baggage to be history that came up in the movie. To work with him and see his work ethic, and the way he approaches a scene, is mind-blowing to me. I want an empty seat there because my character would still set the table.

So, you see David in hopefully one of the best times of his life. We had a scene where we make love for the first time, and she’s very awkward because she’s never done it. He’s still in mourning.” And I wouldn’t ever think of that.

My favorite romantic comedies are Love, Actually and Bridget Jones. And it’s a very scary thing for anyone to act like a child and have those innate feelings that come to you.

And Shana [Feste] was great, guiding me with all of that. In the original film, David was a little more unstable, there was some volatility to him, and he was not this wonderful guy.

Meeting this woman is an incredible thing for him, and only makes him want to strive to be a better man and change where he’s going in his life, and make him want to go to college. In the original scene, which I don’t think made it into the movie, I go to sit down in that seat and he goes, “Don’t sit there.” That was something that he came up with. As a young actor, that’s amazing to walk away and go, “I would never have looked at something like that before.” Now, hopefully as I go on in my career, I can do the same, and really look at that kind of stuff.