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When the original 18 provinces of Castile arose in 1502, they were established according to their votes in the Cortes.

In June 1808, uprisings occurred which later were ended through murder and lynching of French.Henry IV of Castile was deposed from the throne in favour of the infant Alfonso after the count of Plasencia stole the sword of this king’s wooden statue, signifying that without the sword, he had no power.A decade later, the queen of Castile, Joanna la Beltraneja, and Afonso V of Portugal were married and were proclaimed the rulers of Castile and Portugal.As a result, everyone from the surrounding areas who could afford to study in the university moved to Plasencia.In the second half of the 15th century, Plasencia got caught up in some warlike affairs.Despite these advantages, other traits were considered more important and Cáceres was chosen as the capital of the province.

The Restoration was a revolutionary era for Plasencia because the city witnessed many reforms that affected its economy and society.

Pascual Madoz's dictionary details that this ancient territory, either called Ambroz or Ambracia, was originally given the name Ambrosia before becoming Plasencia.

In the same year that the city was founded, Alfonso VIII of Castile gave the city its independence and the Diocese of Plasencia was created.

Plasencia had a certain importance in the American conquest too.

Doctors recommended this place to King Ferdinand as the healthiest place in his kingdom and the place where he should establish his residence.

This charter prompted the formation of a Jewish community in Plasencia, which became the largest Jewish community in Extremadura at that time and held a considerable amount of economic power.

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