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He appears to be using his job to gather information about the human race to aid the planned invasion. His co-host Linda van Schoonhoven seems either blissfully ignorant or entirely dismissive of Morbo's hatred and usually responds with an empty-headed laugh to Morbo's contemptuous outbursts. Scruffy first appeared "Hell Is Other Robots" as a stagehand at a Beastie Boys concert, he was later added to the cast as a little-seen staffperson at Planet Express with the second-season episode "Anthology of Interest I".Scruffy generally approaches both his job and the rest of his life with a high level of apparent apathy, as shown in "Parasites Lost", in which he ignores a broken boiler in the Planet Express Headquarters to read a pornographic magazine, and continues to read even after said boiler explodes, declaring, "Scruffy's gonna die the way he lived." In "Future Stock", it is revealed that he is deeply fond of the company, and owns four times as much stock as the other employees.

Kif is a short and thin green skinned alien crew member.

Morbo the Annihilator (voiced by Maurice La Marche) is the misanthropic alien anchor for √2 News, Entertainment and Earth Invasion Tonight, Good Morning Earth, and other shows on the √2 Television Network.

Morbo is an advance scout for an upcoming alien invasion and does not bother to be subtle about it, often expressing his contempt and extreme hatred for mankind during live news broadcasts and commenting frequently on his species' extremely violent invasion plans. Scruffy (voiced by David Herman) is the Planet Express janitor and a recurring supporting character.

She is blissfully unaware of or indifferent to his hatred for humanity, often giggling absentmindedly when he calls for the death of humans.

Linda joins Leela and her feministas in Into the Wild Green Yonder due to Morbo being treated better than her by the producers with higher pay and more air time.

His frustration with Brannigan's arrogance and general incompetence in Season 1 leads him to be a disaffected, indifferent, sardonic lackey, although his personality differs greatly in later seasons.

Zapp thinks Kif to be his best friend and loyal confidant, whereas Kif sees Brannigan as an incompetent jerk, going so far as to call him a jackass in "Love's Labours Lost in Space".The Professor created Cubert with the intention that he would continue his work after discovering that his life was wasted with nothing but failed or worthless inventions.Hubert is delighted until he discovers that Cubert's intentions are not as he planned.La Barbara Conrad (voiced by Dawnn Lewis) is the wife of Hermes Conrad and mother of Dwight Conrad.She is the ex-wife of Barbados Slim, the rival of Hermes, who she refers to as "a human Adonis" and "a mahogany god".Futurama has eight main cast members and many other incidental characters.

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