Who is lea thompson dating

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Venom was attacked by Kraven the Hunter, who believed that the Spider's Shadow would be able to end his curse.Upon learning his opponent was handicapped, Kraven was outraged and attempted to kill Flash outright to assuage his honor, but was carried away by a swarm of giant bats. However, the symbiote returned to Flash much to his surprise, assuring him that it won't abandon him and reminding him that they still have a mission to complete.

The only exception was a boxing match between the two in the school gym, where Peter evaded Flash's punches with his reflexes and knocked him out with a single punch. Eugene "Flash" Thompson was a former classmate of Peter Parker. Flash was physically abused by his alcoholic father, leading to Flash's own violent, bullying nature. He lived with his father Harrison Thompson, a police officer in the New York Police Department, his mother Rosie Thompson and his little sister Jesse.With the aid of Spider-Man, Flash lived to convince the temple survivors of his innocence, and was briefly reunited with Sha Shan.He was injured in a car crash when a new Vulture kidnapped his and Peter's friend Mary Jane Watson.Peter, blaming himself for what happened to Flash, made a point of visiting his friend as often as he could. When he came out he had forgotten much of what had happened between him and Peter after high school.

He was given the position as coach by the new Principal Roger Harrington at Midtown High School where Peter was working as a teacher.Flash survived but he suffered severe brain damage that left him in a coma.Liz Allan Osborn became Flash's caretaker, and hired a full-time nurse to care for him.When Harry Osborn became the Green Goblin and found out about his secret identity, he blew up Peter's apartment and kidnapped Flash, Mary Jane and Peter's Aunt May before being defeated by Spider-Man.Later, Sha Shan returned to the United States as Sister Sun, the reluctant bride of cult leader Brother Power, himself a pawn of the evil Man-Beast.Before Flash could surprise Peter, he was abducted by Doctor Doom, who mistakenly believed he was the real Spider-Man. Flash dressed up as Spider-Man again to redeem his hero who was seen as a coward after having run from a confrontation with the Green Goblin.