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The Media and Religion In her new book, Cupp charges that the liberal media establishment is making a concerted effort to destroy Christianity.

A few years later, in 2011, Trump asked Cupp to introduce him at the annual Faith and Freedom Conference. One of your CNN colleagues, Ana Navarro, made headlines when she repeatedly repeated the word “pussy” in talking about the tape that caught Trump in an extremely lewd and misogynistic conversation. I think it’s a little gratuitous to keep hammering it. Further, she believes presidents and others in power perform better -- to be exact, more honestly -- when they think they have a (Christian) God looking over their shoulders.So, for instance, she doesn't have a problem with former President George Bush's reliance on the voice in his head (which he claimed was God) telling him to go to war in the Mideast.Cupp said she would want a religious believer in the presidential office not just because of her afformentioned reason that God will keep him or her honest, but also because it reflects the will of the nation, which is about 75 percent Christian and only (she said) 2 percent atheist.I deferred many objections here, and went right at the polling data.Yet in a short amount of time, she's become a regular on Sean Hannity's show, garnered a columnist gig at the Daily News Online, and written two books: " Why You're Wrong About the Right: Behind the Myths: The Surprising Truth About Conservatives ," co-authored with Brett Joshpe, came out in 2008; and her new book, " Losing our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity ," is set for bookstores this April.

Now, the interesting thing about Cupp is that she's an atheist.

However you look at the media, it is their job, their responsibility to inform us of such things." 3.

Glenn Beck At one point, Blakeman asked Cupp whether or not she agreed with Glenn Beck's recent statements about "social justice" ( he charged the term is code for communism and Nazism ).

Cupp said she desires to be faithful and that she has great respect for religion (she's written before that she tries to adhere to Christian morality , which keeps her moral, and that Christianity is a "great religion" ).

I have great respect for the of religion, but for the beliefs? Why would I try to adhere to morality I believe is false?

She knows many people in Trump’s inner circle and has become acquainted with his sons Don Jr.