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They talk for a while about missing Maya and wanting revenge for her death.

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He accepts and proceeds to tell her that he now lives in Rosewood and just started at Hollis College.

Emily leaves her job for the day and runs into Ce Ce, who tells Emily that they should swap numbers.

Instead she finds Jenna’s number on Emily's phone, calls her and yells at her to leave her "boyfriend" Lyndon alone.

While Lyndon is looking at the scarves, Ce Ce thinks the look on Emily's face means she likes Lyndon, but that he's into another girl. Then, Ce Ce figures out Emily is the one who had a crush on Alison and that she likes girls.

Lyndon then calls Emily over to ask her opinion on some earrings.

Germain's Stalker (exposed) -Was really named Lyndon James (exposed) -Killed Maya (exposed) -Pretended to be Maya's Cousin (exposed to Emily) -Knew that Jenna saw him the night he killed Maya (exposed) Lyndon was a mentally ill man who moves to Rosewood after the death of Maya St.

Germain, under the alias of her cousin, Nathan "Nate" St. Lyndon comes to town as a Hollis College transfer student, where he is as a bad boy studying to become an architect and becomes fast friends with Emily.

He was the stalker from True North that Maya mentioned as well as being the boy she dated briefly and the person responsible for her death.

He shows up at the coffee shop where Emily works as barista.

Emily is shocked at Ce Ce's boldness, but she can't change what happened.

Emily is later strolling the streets when she sees Lyndon sitting all alone in a restaurant.

He says he wanted to see what the place was like at night.

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    She said: ‘Angus Milligan had for a sustained length of time suggested a sexual activity with Emily and his friend.‘That sexual activity then happened, but it wasn’t on the terms that he wanted and Emily was too drunk to even remember the activity.‘We can only hope that by telling Emily’s story, no young woman will have to suffer at Angus Milligan’s hands again.’Milligan was accompanied to both court hearings by his uncle, Colin James, a partner in Dornoch legal firm Arthur and Carmichael and secretary at Dunrobin Castle Limited.

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