Whole foods employee dating policy

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Whole foods employee dating policy

She doesn’t need to walk around in a hair shirt, but she does need people to know that she’s taking responsibility for the bad judgment that ended up impacting them. I’m not a big fan of issuing policies or reminders to a whole group just because one person messed up, but this is a situation where your employees would probably appreciate an office-wide statement that sick kids can’t come to work with their parents, so that they have some assurance that you’re invested in preventing it from happening again. As long as people are being civil to this employee when they do need to interact, and as long as they aren’t avoiding her when their work would benefit from talking to her, you can’t insist that they become chummy with her again.But if the avoidance is still continuing after a couple of weeks, at that point it’s probably worth pointing out to them that she genuinely didn’t realize the potential consequences of what she was doing and that she’s learned her lesson (assuming that’s true), and that while her bad judgment here had real consequences for people, it’s not great for any of us if we get permanently shunned after making a mistake.

If she says she didn’t think it would be a big deal, ask if she’s changed that assessment since seeing what happened.It was at this point that she was found out (for bringing him to work) and was asked to take him home.But he had already been in the office for several hours and had been in contact with food from the potluck.Sometimes, however, an investigator will be unable to readily determine whether a particular threshold requirement has been met without additional investigation.If a charge does not satisfy threshold requirements, it should be dismissed.She did not speak up when others started getting sick, even though they had all the same symptoms as her son.

Her assistant also confided to me that she (the assistant) had taken a message from the daycare about the child needing to be picked up due to the outbreak and that he was sick, but she did not know that her boss brought him back to the office.

I got sick and it was terrible, so I understand why people are upset. I am still nursing a grudge against whoever was the source of a terrible, long-lasting illness I got last fall (it was someone in Scotland, and that’s as far as I’ve been able to narrow it down … I can understand people being really unhappy about this.

Has your employee acknowledged anything about this since it all came out?

Her child had norovirus and was banned from attending daycare until he was no longer contagious.

She brought him to work with her and kept him in her office. He was still ill but was feeling better, and he came out of her office because there was a potluck and he saw the cake and the food on a table by the coffee maker.

One of my direct reports has a child who is undergoing chemotherapy and who had to be hospitalized when she got sick.

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