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Wiki winehq org matchdatingoxugudopap

The output from mysqldump can instead be piped to gzip, for a smaller output file, as follows Remember to also backup the file system components of the wiki that might be required, e.g., images, logo, and extensions.

It is also a good idea to create an XML dump in addition to the database dump.When using the default My SQL backend, the database can be dumped into a script file which can be used later to recreate the database and all the data in it from scratch.See the package on Debian: $ apt show automysqlbackup [...] Description: automysqlbackup creates backup every day, week and month for all of your My SQL database, to a configured folder.See Manual: Importing XML dumps for more information.If you have no shell access, then use the Wiki Team Python script from a DOS, Unix or Linux command-line. To get an XML, with edit histories, dump and a dump of all images plus their descriptions. Performance of the program is about the same running on Linux with Wine compared to running natively on Windows.

If Wine is not already installed on your system, installation instructions for Wine are at To Amazingly enough, Octave FEMM works under Linux and will allow a native Linux implementation of Octave to interact with FEMM 4.2 running under Wine.If your database is not really huge and server is not under heavy load, users editing the wiki will notice nothing but a short lag. Make sure all items under Export are highlighted, and make sure Structure is highlighted (it's important to maintain the table structure). Heidi SQL requires a direct database connection, where some hosts may only offer web interfaces (php My Admin) to firewalled databases.Users who are just reading will not notice anything in any case. Open the browser to your phpadmin link, login, choose the wiki database. Optionally check Add DROP TABLE to delete existing references when importing. Media Wiki stores other components of the wiki in the file system where this is more appropriate than insertion into the database, for example, site configuration files ( (finally removed in 1.23)), image files (including deleted images, thumbnails and rendered math and SVG images, if applicable), skin customisations, extension files, etc.There's nothing to do but to install this package, and you'll rest assured that you have a way to go back in the history of your database.[...] $ find /var/lib/automysqlbackup/ /var/lib/automysqlbackup/ /var/lib/automysqlbackup/weekly /var/lib/automysqlbackup/weekly/my_wiki /var/lib/automysqlbackup/weekly/my_wiki/my_wiki_week.18.2016-05-07_15h32gz /var/lib/automysqlbackup/monthly /var/lib/automysqlbackup/daily /var/lib/automysqlbackup/daily/my_wiki For other distributions, see on Sourceforge.Also see the talk page for more information about working with character sets in general.

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