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However, it is always great to be able to give them a good hard kick so they roll over and give you some peace and quiet – even if just for a few minutes. When you’re married or in a relationship, those headaches become even tougher because you have greater expectations. You don’t have to sit and dwell on what the other person said, what they meant by it, or why they haven’t done something.But it’s only a matter of time before they start snoring again. While a man’s warm body is great as a defroster for your cold feet, it is not a good enough reason to have to share the bed. You have nobody to argue with, nobody to please, nobody to disrespect you and/or your time. This is by far the most invaluable reason to be thankful for being single.

A source revealed: “Mis-teeq have only been paid half of their earnings from the last ten years. “For their biggest hit alone, Scandalous, they are owed more than £1million because of its use in an Armani advert. “The money got lost purely due to various administrative errors.

In the chat she said she has just turned down the lead role in a huge new British musical film called Melody.

She is instead focusing on great new single Baby with ANTON POWERS and the release of her fourth album.

ALESHA DIXON will be buying the drinks for SIMON COWELL & Co when Britain’s Got Talent returns next week.

I’ve learned the ITV judge is set for a seven-figure windfall dating back to her days in MIS-TEEQ.

Even as I shoveled the driveway and pushed the big trash bins to the curb today, I thought how good it would be to have a man to do those things, but then I remembered the many reasons I am thankful for being single.

So in honor of the holiday tradition, here are the top five reasons single women should be thankful: No snoring.

“There are many talented youngsters out there and producers believe it’s time to give youth a chance again.” A show source said: “We can confirm The X Factor is lowering the minimum age of application from 16 to 14.” SIMON COWELL’s four-year-old son ERIC has a few years to go yet until he can apply.

LOVE Island’s CARA DE LA HOYDE and NATHAN MASSEY have split, I can reveal.

The singer split from Sophie Johnson last month, as I revealed, but was by her side as she gave birth to their son. The show upped the minimum entry age from 14 to 16 in 2011, but back in 2008 when the auditions were still open to youngsters they discovered 14-year-old LIAM PAYNE, who hasn’t done too badly for himself.

Bosses hope lowering the age range will help with the talent search and repeat the success of finding stars like ONE DIRECTION lad Liam.

I can lay vertical, horizontal, upside down, kick, flail, covers on, covers off. Or if I want to fall asleep on the couch, I don’t have some annoying voice questioning why I didn’t come to bed last night (because I couldn’t stand the sound of your snoring anymore! But the best part, you don’t have anyone trying to grab you and rub their morning wood against your back in an attempt to wake you from your peaceful sleep to please them. Men don’t realize how much effort it takes for a woman to groom herself. I only have myself to yell at for leaving dirty dishes in the sink or five pairs of shoes at the door. Especially when I hear a non-single friend say they have to check to see if it’s okay if they go out. I have become so use to doing what I want, when I want and with whom I want that the thought of having to get another person’s “approval” to go out with my friends seems so unrealistic to me.

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