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It’s hard to pin-down, but there is something so wonderfully gentleman and polished about this.I think is best suited ages 18 and up so most could pull it off. I think it works best on spring days, but there is not a time or season when this cannot be worn.

The best alternative would be Armafs Tres Nuit, they are VERY close.Go get the stuff and compare for yourself -- and try to be honest. If you can't afford Green Irish Tweed, just get Tres nuit.Would still buy this if i didn't have or had heard of the Armaf because it does smell great. Forget the comparison with Cool Water or Tres Nuit.Online shops offers: Fragrance 4 items for 4.54 - 175.49 2 items for 97.20 - 179.95 GBPFragrance EUR 5 items for 131.25 - 208.46 EURFragrance 5 items for 152.99 - 242.99 USDView products...Green Irish Tweed by Creed is a classic Fougere fragrance.Unlike those cheap stuff, its lemon verbena is very refreshing but not sharp at all. I'm probably gonna get death threats for this review, but so be it. To me, it smells blatantly artificial, harsh, and chemical. I wish Creed made an essential oil for this one, so we could spray it in our hair and get more longevity (not that it's an issue) I find Green Irish Tweed to be soothing, regal, and very luxurious. I'm going to feel like Christopher Walker tonight with this suit and fragrance combo! This is the Grand Seiko watch of fragrances: you wear it to impress yourself with its quality, not to impress the others.

After that, iris stands out and you can also smell that sandalwood and ambergris are well blended in the back. This is a very refreshing and comfortable scent of all time. I can think of a plethora of fresh/green scents that smell far more authentic and interesting than GIT at a fraction of the price. To the scent itself, the violet leaves and the iris are magical. Cool Water : scent:7 Longevity: 5.5 Sillage:5 GIT: scent:9.5 Longevity: 9 Sillage:8 You have got what you pay for.

Green Irish Tweed opens with top notes of iris and lemon verbena. The base notes are ambergris and Mysore sandalwood. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Creed Sixth Generation.

Green Irish Tweed has proven itself to be one of the most timeless fragrances ever created. At the top, we get an invigorating blast of fresh, clean, green, and subtle spicy notes.

Green Irish Tweed has a nostalgic vibe, but never smells dated or overly mature.

It smells classic, but not necesarily barbershop or old-school forgere-like.

These top notes will continue into the mid, but you will also start picking up on some wonderful floral notes that soften up at the base with some nice woody and powdery accords.

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