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During his interview, incensed at Makosi stating she could prove it whilst Anthony was being interviewed, Anthony shouted over to her "You know you can't, you're an absolute liar!

A supposed TV source told the tabloid: “Channel 5 wants to make a real splash as part of their women’s vote celebrations.“They are keen to cast opinionated women like Germaine Greer over no-mark reality TV girls who look good but have little to say or bring to the conversation."I've read these stories in the papers but I haven't had a phone call to confirm anything," she explained.

At the end of their stay, Makosi had to choose two of the three secret housemates to enter the main house.

She chose Orlaith and Eugene, although Kinga re-entered the house after Orlaith walked out on Day 65.

When Lesley was evicted on Day 15 Craig began to align himself with Anthony, Maxwell and Saskia.

Craig then developed what was interpreted by the media as an unsettling obsession with Anthony, which resulted in several awkward moments.

On the final night, third placed Makosi told Davina Mc Call that she was telling the truth when she said she was pregnant, during Anthony's interview he looked shocked when Mc Call told him about Makosi's pregnancy claims and said that they never had sex, during this the crowd chanted 'Liar, Liar' at Makosi.

However, the story has been backed up in print by Orlaith Mc Allister.

Anthony appeared in the 20 series of Sky One's The Match producing credited appearances noticed by the Legends his Celebrity squad faced.

But most notably by the viewers who voted him to receive the Man of the Match award in both series he has appeared in show.

Craig finished fifth, and was evicted on Day 76 in a surprise final week eviction having received just 3.9% of the vote to win.

He has since been infamous for being recorded in a "Leslie Grantham" style video recorded on a web cam.

His two most recent hairdressing salons, one in Norwich, one in Cromer, have both failed financially.

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