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Zydeco dating - developing and validating multiple choice test items pdf

Distinct in style, Simien said, "With Creole music like that, you'd swear you were in another culture."Accordion master Amédé Ardoin extended that culture into the 20th century as one of the first musicians to record Creole music.

"It took something strong to make them forget all that and showed that it was something different in the world besides slavery and Jim Crow.""Life is about moving forward," Simien said.

Police on foot and in electric carts were out in force and veteran Jazz Fest patrons said bags were checked more thoroughly.

Couples danced in the grass as T'Monde played on the Fais Do-Do (FAY-doh-doh) stage, where Cajun and zydeco music would be performed throughout the festival.

Bourque honored Ardoin's musical impact in his latest work, "If you abandon me-comment je vas faire: An Amédé Ardoin Songbook.""I love his contributions to music and his contributions to the culture," Bourque said.

Before video games and TV, Creoles entertained themselves with a "house dance where the furniture would be moved outside into the yard so that there would be enough room inside to have an afternoon or a late Saturday night dance," Simien said.

John performed hometown favorites such as "Iko Iko" on Friday to close out the sun-drenched first day of the 2013 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

They were among the final performers on a day heavy on Louisiana-influenced music, such as T'Monde, a band of 20-somethings that kicked off the festival with century-old, fiddle-heavy Cajun tunes.

An earlier song form, juré, evolved from field hollers shared during slavery days, Simien said."Juré was a celebration," he said.

"After work or on their day off, people would dance around a fire as they stood in a circle and 'testify' in French."Hand clapping and foot stamping were important components of juré music, and some historians believe that the offbeat rhythms found in this style influenced the beats in zydeco.

Alongside dual keyboards are paintings of women in African villages and a textile map of the continent.

Although Simien maintains that Africa influenced the music he loves, he admits that no one really knows where zydeco came from."Folklore says it originated from 'les haricots sont pas sale,' a song by Clifton Chenier meaning 'the snap beans are not salty,'" Simien said as he reclined in a chair.

He's more intrigued with zydeco's African connections.

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